The Spelling Bee Competition
比賽類別: 英文科
日期: 2021-12-07 (星期二)
性質: 校內舉辦

A spelling bee is a competition where contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually to their degree of difficulty. The students had to familiarise themselves with the words they have already learnt in their levels. All the students took part in the competition on the Kahoot app and the top 10 students were selected from each class. Our local teachers and NETs facilitated the competition in the classroom exceptionally well and the students showed great positivity and enthusiasm. Students received a small gift for their participation and outstanding effort, while the winner received a certificate and a prize. The competition enhanced students’ self-confidence, developed their public speaking skills and the ability to thrive under pressure. Overall, the competition was a success, we witnessed students’ competitive side, dedication and hard work in thriving to be the best.

The winners are:

1A – Lau Tsun Hei, Moses                                                                

1B -  Ye Yan Tung, Yedda

1C -  Pang Ting Hei, Hayden

1D – Suen Ching Yu, Angus

2A –Lau Yee Shun, Jacob

2B – Tsoi Yat Long, Jasper

2C - Keung Yee Ting, Eunis

2D- Ma Yee Ching, Bella

3A – Wong, Terence

3B – Kwan Tsz Long, Owen

3C – Mak Chin Ho, Max

3D – Lee Ho Wang, Ficus

4A – Chow Tin Yu, Jeremy

4B – Au Pak Yin, Alvin

4C – Lam Yeung Cheung, Benjamin

4D – Yim Wai Ho, Willis

4E – Lam Si Tung, Lynette

4A (Group 2) – Chim Tsz Long, Isaac

5A – Leung Pak Cheun, Pazu

5B- Chan Ting Hin, Tommy

5C- Fok Tsz Wai, Elly

5D – Yu Pak Long,Torres

5B (Group 2)  Tse Cheuk Ting Justin

6A – Chai Yu Ming, Aaron

6B- Cheng, Hellen

6C- Hui Yau Hei, Yobi

6D – Cheuk, Giovanni

6B (Group 2) – To Wing Lam, Chloe

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